Bushwalking in Whitsunday Islands   (05/06/04)

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The bushwalking in the Whitsunday islands is supposed to be some of the best in Australia (or so we were told). The Whitsunday islands are a bit touristy and the only way to get to them is by using these large fast ferries (at least they're cheap). If you actually wanted to stay on one of these islands you'll end up paying a ton of money (okay atleast more than $250 a night and that felt like a whole lot to us penny-pinchin' backpackers) so you'll probably end up staying elsewhere and just visiting the islands on day trips (much like we did). The highlight of the bushwalk was encountering a colony (I think that's the correct zoological term) of bats justing hanging out (heh, get it?) in the trees (see picture below). No, there weren't any spiders as big as my fist on this trek but I certainly didn't mind. Lots of beautiful views and interesting creatures made the bushwalks well worth the trip to the islands.


Daria uses these to work out..                Daria pausing for a photo-op                We could see smaller islands nearby during our walk             Now that's a scenic outlook!   

These grasslands looked like something out of lord of the rings                Another bay view                

Below: some of the nature's creatures on display in the Whitsunday islands

One of many butterflies                More butterflies                A cockatoo                Coolest sight on the island -- a colony of bats