Yabbies and Soldier Crabs in 1770   (05/10/04)

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The next stop on our journey from Cairns to Sydney was the Town of 1770, where Captain James Cook landed on May 24 1770 (see how they got the name?) The main reason for our stop was to explore the surrounding swampy terrain with some sort of ecotour. We ended up taking a fishing and canoeing tour of the backwaters and mangrove forests near by with Discovery Coast Detours (check out their cool Landcruiser in the pictures section). This tour company is operated by a husband and wife and provided wonderful personalized service that is pretty rare these days (at least it's hard to come by at a reasonable price!). We had the chance to paddle around in canoes (and to switch on a motor when the going got rough), go fishing (though we weren't initially interested, it turned out to be pretty cool) and castnetting for shrimp/fish (pretty fun activity), and even got a chance to take in some beautiful scenery (see pics below). The highlight of the 4 hour tour was when we saw some dolphins that swam up to our canoes -- a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


That's one BIG truck                That's our canoe... see the motor on the back?                Plenty of riverbanks to stop at for a look at wildlife             A soldier crab -- there were tons of these running around   

Digging for yabbies                The yabbies we caught...                They look like small shrimp                I snagged a Pepsi can!


Our guide caught this guy.. and let it go ofcourse                Trying to follow the leader                A look at the backwaters                Plenty of mangroves