Seal Kisses and Scary Sharks   (05/12/04)

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Underwater World in Mooloolaba, Queensland is a giant aquarium that offers visitors the chance to hold sea urchin and starfish, get kissed by a seal, and get inches away from sharks and manta rays. You see they've got this underwater tunnel made of 6-inch thick acrylic where you are surrounded by all sorts of marine life (fish of various sizes including several shark species and large sting rays) as you walk around. The customer service at Underwater World rocks! We ended up paying for the Seal Encounter adventure -- you get to go backstage and see the seals and get to shake hands with them and even get kissed by them. Of course they take pictures during this event and offer to sell them to you at a pretty expensive rate (15 bucks per picture or something like that). I asked if we could get the pictures on CD (they used a digital camera so it should've been easy for them), and it turned out that we could get all the pictures on CD for $10! Unfortunately they were having probs with their automated cd burning system (Fuji software is not the most reliable apparently), so they told us that they'd just mail us the CD. They didn't charge us anything, and guess what.. they actually sent the pictures! In fact, not only did they send us a CD with the pictures (international mail at that), but they also threw in some glossy prints -- all for free. In my book that's great customer service... Oh yeah, one point about the seals: they may be cute, but they're pretty stinky!


Many stingrays in a shallow pool                That's a sea cucumber                Coral reef and some fish             Some crustacean   

Sea dragon                This crocodile didn't move much                Pretty jellyfish                Turtles

Close encounters of the scary kind                Sooo cuuute!                An SUV converted to an aquarium                Smart seals...

This seal was sooo cute                Even Puneet gets a smooch