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Last Updated: 01/28/04


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Here is our route across Europe during our backpacking trip. Click on the yellow dots to bring up the blogs for a particular city. You can also use the drop-down menus for country and city provided in the "Blogs" section.



Here are the blogs from our European backpacking trip. The blogs for cities in a particular country are grouped together. The countries are listed in the reverse cronological order of when they were visited (eg: Vienna visited last, while Czech Republic was visited first).

To aid in navigation, you can jump to the blogs for a country or even a specific city.

Country                                                          City





Viennese Christmas - 12/22/03                    


Ciao, Ciao Verona e Italia - 12/14/03                    
Canals, Boats and Pigeons in Venice - 12/11/03     
Ruined Rome - 12/07/03             
Friends in Firenze - 12/05/03 
Burnt Siena - 12/04/03          
Leaning Tower of Pisa - 12/02/03            


Real Madrid - 11/25/03   
Gaudi Barcelona - 11/21/03    (No Blog)


Monaco - 12/01/03         
French Riviera: Nice and Cannes - 11/29/03
Bordeaux (French for bitter red wine) - 11/19/03
Chateaus (French royal castles) in the Loire valley - 11/17/03    (No blog)  
Reunion with Paris after 2 years apart - 11/14/03   
The other Notre Dame: Strasbourg - 11/12/03          


Luxembourg City - 11/10/03             


Friends and Frites in Namur - 11/07/03         
Brussels, the bilingual capital - 11/06/03         
A real-life fairy-tale in Brugges - 11/05/03          
The most beautiful train station of them all... in Antwerp - 11/04/03         


Pedestrian Hell in Amsterdam - 10/31/03         


Fjords and Tasty Goat Cheese in Oslo - 10/25/03         


Tall Blond Swedes in Stockholm - 10/23/03            


Royalty and alternative lifestyles in Copenhagen - 10/21/03            


Cologne - Our last whiff of Germany - 12/16/03                    
Suicidal Santas in Munich - 12/15/03
Hamburgers hangout in Hamburg? - 10/30/03     
The Wall, SS headquarters, and international cuisine in Berlin - 10/19/03           
Leipzig, Bach's final resting place - 10/17/03           
Dresden - 10/15/03          

Czech Republic

Prague - 10/13/03         

Preparations and the flight

How I saw Frodo on the side of a plane, and other travel oddities - 10/12/03
Trip Preparation - 10/10/03            


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