Invasion of the Mehras (10/10/03)

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Ok, so the title is a bit of a lie... the Mehras haven't invaded anywhere just yet. In reality, this brief blog is about some of the recent preparations made by yours truly to prepare for our European invasion. The past few days have been full of packing my bags and preparing my baby (the vette) for several months of storage in my parents' garage. The packing is all done, and I've managed to squeeze all the necessities (and a few additional ones for Daria) into my trusty REI travelpack and associated daypack. Unfortunately, all the junk I've managed to stash in the pack has ended up weighing about 40lbs. Though that doesn't sound like much, it certainly exceeds the recommended 25% of body weight that I should be carrying. It also seems a bit heavier than the 25 pounds worth of stuff I was lugging around in the REI store while being fitted for a travelpack. <Begin Macho voice> Not that it's anything that I can't handle... hah, 40 lbs, heck I could carry twice that without breaking a sweat <end Macho voice> Seriously though, I think I may have been a little too liberal in what to include (let's see if our aluminum cooking kit turns out to be at all useful). Other than the packing, I spent some time giving some TLC to the vette, which so faithfully carried us from coast to coast (and back). After washing it, I ended up using paint cleaner and polish, which were the first 2 steps in Meguiar's 3 step car wax line. I figure I don't need to wax it since it's just going to sit under a car cover in a garage for the next 8 months. Anyhow, though far from perfect, the car looks pretty darn good (all the vengeful bird stains are gone), and the interior got a nice wiping down with some TurtleWax interior detailing product (so now the dash and leather seats shine). With all these little things out of the way, the excitement of international travel is finally setting in. I should be meeting Daria in Prague on Sunday, and hopefully it will be the beginning of a beautiful trip...


A washed, waxed and detailed vette ready to rest...       The vette after it was lovingly washed and waxed for its storage in my parents' garage.