Leipzig - Bach's final resting place (10/17/03)

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We had a day-long stop in the eastern German town of Leipzig. I don't know much historical stuff about Leipzig, and the only reason I was aware of it, before our trip, was because it's either the 2nd or 3rd city you build in Civilization if you decide to play as the Germans. After visiting, I know a little bit more, but not too much so bear with me. Before the advent of WWII, and the subsequent division of Germany, Leipzig gained fame due to the Church of St. Thomas, where Johann Sebastian Bach served as Cantor for several years. The church was actually built in 1212 (by Margrave Dietrich) and Bach worked there from 1723 until his death in 1750.In honor of their famous cantor, the church has a pretty statue outside and a beautiful stain-glass window with a center portrait of Bach on the inside. Oh yeah, and they've got his dead body buried in an altar-like area within the actual church. Kinda creepy if you ask me. The church on the whole is very beautiful, and due to the roof design (see picture below), the acoustics of the place are pretty impressive -- we got to hear an organ recital while visiting and it sounded good. It's kinda interesting to note that due to the concentration of wealth in Leipzig (resulting from trade), the church was continually adapted according to the style of the day. The church actually underwent an entire renovation when converted from Baroque to neo-Gothic style (shown in the pictures) from 1884 to 1889.

In addition to visiting the church and absorbing some of the "historic downtown" (did I mention how EVERY city has one of these?) scene, we visited the former Stasi (comm(Museum in der Runden Ecke) with plenty of exhibits on how the secret police tapped into the lives of the East German people. They had machines for opening & re-sealing records, and tons of documents (about 6 miles long when laid out) on over 100,000 citizens including copies of the letters that these people wrote. Pretty scary stuff, but don't worry, nothing like that happens in the US, right? *cough* *cough*  <sarcasm> Nice to know that Ashcroft and Co. are only gathering info on "terrorists", otherwise we could have a Stasi-like environment in the making. </sarcasm>


              Some images from the Central Globetrotter Hostel

          Sample pictures from the town

                            St. Thomas Church