Viennese Christmas   (12/22/03)

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Not much to say about Vienna. We had a wonderful Christmas thanks to the cozy atmosphere of Happy Hostel (a very highly recommended place to stay! An entire apartment for an unbelievable price, and the host is a great guy too!) and the wonderful interior decorating skills of Daria that gave our place a really Christmassy feel (check out the tree below). Hope that you and your loved ones had a nice time over the holidays. So, here's wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas -- from the Mehras



Our Christmas tree...                See the gifts below? They weren't for us!                Daria takes a break from decorating to pose.

Here's the Christmas tree that we picked up near our apartment. Thanks to Daria for the wonderful decorating job.

The city hall                City hall at night -- site of the Xmas market                We got our decorations here

The area outside City Hall was the site of a large Christmas market. We managed to get many nice decorations here.

A busy shopping street with many candy stores                Look at ALL that candy!                Mozart candy is very popular

We managed to score some nice Mozart candy (the Austrians really love this stuff and it does taste pretty good) to give as gifts.

We'll end with a view of some famous majestic looking sights from Vienna. Enjoy.


Art history museum                Maria Theresa square                A closeup of the empress hersel               


The burgtor                The parliament building                The winter palace of the Hapsburgs


Hofburg theater                Stephans Dome is near where we got the candy