The Journey to Rajasthan   (02/01/04)

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Shortly after arriving in India we went on a tour of Rajasthan with Santosh Massi and Priya. Here are a few of the pictures of our journey to Rajasthan from Delhi.



Camel carts are pretty common                Cows are EVERYWHERE in India                Why did the goat cross the road? To follow the chicken of course

Here are just a few of the animals seen duirng our journey... look at the other pages for the whole host of creatures we saw during the trip.


The moms enjoying a nice hotel room in Jhun Jhun                Typical Rajasthani architecture             Buying fruit like a local                

The end of another glorious day in Rajasthan                

Some non-animal views from our journey. A couple of examles of typical Rajasthani architecture and decor (from our hotel room -- our room was pretty plain, but our moms got the nicely decorated room shown above). I managed to buy some fruit during one of our stops (though its hard to haggle for prices when your foreign wife is standing 2 feet away taking pictures of the whole exchange!)