Camel Racing in Jaisalmer   (02/03/04)

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Ok, so here's the truth: While there ARE camel races in Jaisalmer, we did not participate or watch any such races. That said, we did get to ride a camel through dunes to a magnificent sunset point (see pictures). More details later.


Gadi Sagar lake                Gate supposedly built by prostitute                One of the local street musicians who played a fine tune

Gadi Sagar served as the water supply for the city of Jaisalmer at one time... now it's an essential tourist stop where you'll see many a guide repeating the story of the prostitute who built the gate (see above) and outwitted the maharaja.

A view of Jaisalmer Fort                Such beautiful architecture!                All of us at the fort

A view of Jaisalmer Fort   

Dubbed "a living fort", the Jaisalmer Fort is supposedly the only fort in the world in which you will find an actual town still in existence. Within the confines of the fort walls several thousand people still live in homes that are hundreds of years old, though the curious tourists which buy their wares are a relatively newer phenomenon. By the way, you can still find plenty of cows in the fort (see the picture above).

One of many havelis in Jaisalmer                Impressive decoration at the same haveli                Wedding announcements/invitations are written on house walls                

Another part of the invitation... these are usually very decorative                

Some other impressive sights from Jaisalmer: there are exquisite havelis (beautiful golden sandstone homes built by wealthy merchants) scattered throughout the town. An interesting Jaisalmer custom is to paint wedding invitations/announcements on the walls of the groom/bride's parents' house.


Major tourist trap!                Some of the huts at the Sam village                Yup, that's us           

Massi and Priya went along for a ride as well                The shadows of our camel caravan...                A closer shot of us on the camel                

Another gorgeous sunset in Rajasthan                      

The Sam village is located near the Thar Desert and serves as a major site for camel safaris into the desert. We took an hour-long camel safari into the desert to watch the sunset. A wonderful experience if you can brave getting on a camel (not too bad except when it gets up/sits down) and also bravel the various smells unleashed by these beasts (they can get pretty nasty).


Another part of the invitation... these are usually very decorative

I hope these pictures did not boar you...