Jodhpur -- the Blues Capital of India   (02/04/04)

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That's right, Jodhpur has the blues, though you'll have to look hard to find a guitar or piano in this place... you could say that the houses have got the blues -- they're painted a beautiful pale blue color as shown below. We'll tell you more at some later time.


Soo pretty!

A magnificent view of the "blue city" from Fort Mehrangarh.


The fort looms above the city                One of the exquisite facades                Yet another ornate exterior

Many a prince became king here                Going for a ride -- Maharaja style                Meditation room -- pretty serene

The "flower palace"                                

Mehrangarh ("Majestic") Fort occupies a lofty position in Jodhpur sitting atop a 125 meter high hill overlooking the city and served as the residence for the various maharajas of Jodhpur.

... Not that exotic anymore...                ... Actually somewhat annoying...                Monekys are loads of fun

Grooming one another                Haven't seen foremany vultures be                

No blog on an Indian town can be complete without the requisite animal/bird pictures.... here we offer you the ever-popular camel carts (including the one that we got stuck behind in a traffic jam), monkeys, and a rare find: a vulture nest perched in a nook on Mehrangarh Fort.