A lack of "Bonding" in Udaipur   (02/06/04)

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For now, all that I can say is that we didn't get to watch Octopussy (Bond flick starring Roger Moore that was filmed in Udaipur) here -- much like we didn't get to see Sound of Music in Salszburg. But we did get to see a lot of palaces and take a wonderful boat tour of Lake Pichhola, and we're happy to share the sights with you (see pictures below!). More info later...


City Palace from Lake Pichhola                The courtyard on top of the palace offers a nice view                Cellphones are less messy

An example of the pretty decor            

Some of the scenery from City Palace, supposedly the largest palace complex in all of Rajasthan. Overall the palace wasn't that impressive (it looks much better from a boat ride on the lake than in person), but I loved the "communications" room with carrier pigeon cages...


Lake Palace which is now a 5 star hotel                Lunch with a view!                People still wash clothes in the lake

Aside from the impressive Jagniwas (Lake Palace Hotel), which now serves as an expensive 5-star hotel, you're likely to encounter people washing clothes, and even an occasional floating table during your entertaining cruise around Lake Pichhola (highly recommended).


The other island palace                A closer view of the "palace"                The elephant statues were the most impressive thing here

One of the many pretty gazebos                Yet another gazebo                Priya shows off her suit

Jagmandir, the other island palace, supposedly provided Shah Jahan with the inspiration for the Taj Mahal, and now houses a restaurant (funny how all the palaces of old are now so heavily commercialized).

These are real as opposed to those at the jag mandir                Wanna go for a ride?                When it comes to animals we don't monkey around

Some of the animals encountered around Udaipur... it still seems somewhat exotic to see monkeys and elephants roaming the streets, but a little bit less so than when we first arrived.