"All your jobs are belong to us" -- (02/15/04)

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The above slogan was stolen from some Slashdot (I think that's where I saw it) article on outsourcing to India. It sounds just about right -- many tech jobs have been outsourced to India, and Bangalore is one of the hotspots for the Indian IT boom (check out the Yahoo building below). Satish mamaji (one of mom's brothers) and his family live in Bangalore and were wonderful hosts during our visit. We also went on a little trip around the south with Nikhil (Puneet's cousin) and mamaji (see next few blogs for details).


Posing with mamaji's family                                Aren't they cute?

Some shots taken around Mamaji's place. The picture above is as follows (from left to right): in the back are Mamaji and Nikhil. In the front are Neha, Daria, Meera Mamiji, Meena and Valentina. Mamaji has a beautiful garden, which made for a nice picture spot. The cute, harmless geckos shown above are quite common in Indian homes and are called chipkali in Hindi.

Houses the Secretariat                Typical facade of a South Indian temple                Path to temple worshiping Nandi (Shiva's bull)

What an odd looking fruit                All your jobs...    

Other things seen in Bangalore