No See Dolphin, You no Money Pay  (02/17/04)

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Kathakali is pretty interesting, but it's gets a bit old after the first half hour... I certainly don't think I could sit through another 1.5 hour performance, but more on that some other time.


Ever-present Chinese fishing nets                The nets looked beautiful                As did this sunset

Posing in front of our lunch restaurant                Love that sign           

Cochin is a coastal town and fishing is quite popular here. We had some delicious fish tikka and Goan fish curry during our short stay. We also saw a few dolphins in the water, and several tour operators (see pic above) that offered to take tourists for a closer look at these creatures.

The center burned down a couple years ago...                 Getting ready for the performance                All makeup is organic

The bad king ready                The princess is male too...             

Some pictures from the Kathakali performance. Expect more info later.