"God's Own Country"   (02/18/04)

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That's the slogan used to describe Kerala (by the state Board of Tourism I believe) -- and it certainly holds true for the beauty seen in this state's backwaters.


We had the opportunity to take a 3 hour cruise of the backwaters in Allepy and here are some of the things we saw...


A happy guy out for a ride                Boats are to allepy what camels are to Rajasthan                A boat like the one we used

Valentina, Meena and Sathish relaxing on the boat                A houseboat                Better shot of the inside

Nuns having fun... one had a video camera!   

Boats. Lots and lots of boats. Much like in Venice, boats are the main mode of transport in the backwaters. It was a common sight to see canoes loaded up with goods, while most tourists settled for larger motor-boats, or even luxurious house-boats (complete with bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms).

Tons of palm trees                Beautiful green Kerala                Typical house near the water... notice the drying clothes

Ads on house walls                A pretty bridge                An enormous flock of ducks

Many rice paddies!

Some of the backwaters landscape.


Lots of coconut trees                Unripe coconut water is plentiful                Rubber trees are common in Kerala

Rubber gum drips into these cups                Cardamom -- essential for good chai    

A look at some of the fruits, vegetables, and other plants grown in Kerala.