Tea and Communism in Munnar   (02/20/04)

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Munnar offers a series of Tata Tea estates (Tata Ltd is a huge conglomerate in India that makes trucks and automobiles among other things) in addition to communism (check out the flag picture!).


A view of a tea estate                Workers in the field                A better view of the rows of tea plants

A better look at tea                Daria loves Earl Grey tea                

Tea is big business in Munnar. We didn't take any tours or anything, so I don't know what type of tea is grown here (but I think it may be the generic Indian favorite... though I have no idea, so don't take my word for it).


Lush mountains                Meena posing with a nice backdrop          

Mountains were another common sight in Munnar, which is surrounded by lush green mountains laden with tea estates.

Cardammom is yummy in tea                Black pepper                Vaya with pretty flowers

Teak trees are grown in the area        

Some of the other plant-life found in the region.


An autorickshaw: we rode many in Delhi                Tea = communism                A beautiful sunset in Munnar

Some random images from our visit to Munnar, including the famous communist flag of Kerala and a beautiful sunset.