Golden Amritsar   (03/09/04)

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After Chandigarh, our next stop on our tour of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh was Amritsar, my father's birthplace and the site of the Golden Temple (the most sacred religious gurudwara for Sikhs). We'd like to thank our family (from my father's side) who met us there, particularly Bobby Chachaji (my father's cousin), who offered us wonderful hospitality while we were there.


A look at the temple compound                A closeup of the temple                Daria with her yellow bandana

We've still got our spiffy bandanas!                Other buildings in the compound are pretty too                They have a pool, in the center, with fish

Above are some of the images our trip to the Golden Temple. I've said it before, and I'll repeat myself: the Golden Temple is probably the cleanest temple I have seen anywhere in all of India. It's a truly magnificent sight.