Go Bears!  (07/25/04)

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I can't believe we never put up any pictures of the Cal campus before this, but I guess it's true about how you can take things for granted sometimes. Anyhow, I spent two exciting years studying at Cal and am grateful for the experience. During this time, Daria came to love the campus -- she took a Hindi class there and so got to experience student life just like I did. In fact, she still gets to spend some time on campus these days (she often goes for a jog/walk to campus). Overall, the campus is vibrant, lovely and teeming with the oddness that epitomizes Berkeley. Hope you enjoy these pictures.


No rules apply in the circle!                In front of Sather Gate                Did I mention "Go Bears"?             Famous Campanelli -- providing wonderful music throughout the day   


Evans -- the math building known for its numerous suicides                Cory Hall -- Main EECS building and my home                Despite what you see, Cory is pretty scary on the inside!             Soda Hall - home of the CS division   


Cal provides a great squirrel experience                Way better than Stanford, or so we believe!