Assorted Pictures

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I couldn't think of where else I could stick these pictures, so that's why this page exists.


Mehras with Puneet's VIP lab friends.
Left to Right: Siddarth, Daria, Puneet, Parvez, and Minghua.

After returning, I had the chance to get together with some of my friends from the Vision and Image Processing Lab at Berkeley. I got to see these guys on a regular basis during my time at Berkeley and it was nice to get together for a little bit of fun. Thanks for showing up guys!

Puneet at Redwood Regional Park

Here's a picture that seemed like something out of "The Stand" by Stephen King (actually it reminds me a bit of the name of the place in "In the Mouth of Madness" -- Hobbs End), or maybe a sign that you'd see in Middle Earth... anyway it's as good a hiking picture as any. BTW, this was taken at the Redwood Regional Park that's located in Oakland (not too far from Berkeley).