Soaking Culture in the Russian Museum  (01/26/04)

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Check back later to hear about how we soaked up culture during one of our few visits to a museum in St. Petersburg.


I once caught a fish THIS big                Yet another pretty building                Posing with one of the guardians of the museum

Some shots of the areas outside the museum

Peter the Great wasn't known for his looks                A very imposing woman                

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great are just a couple of the great Russian rulers on display in the museum.

That's just the ceiling!                Gilded effects are ubiquitous                

Even the ceilings are a work of art in most Russian museums.


eiphestophles looks cool                One scary reindeer                A very famous sculpture from Soviet times

A sample of the sculptures that were on display in the museum

The "Wave" by Aivazovsky                An impressive painting by Repin                Repin painted portions of the big painting in detail first...

Daria had to describe paintings like this as school work                The Sunset by Quinzhi                Daria's favorite painting

Sooo many paintings, so little time... we hope these paintings give you a sense of the works in the museum.