Sightseeing in St. Petersburg  

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There is likely to be a short blog explaining some of the sights we saw when we finally managed to overcome the flu and brave "Middle Winter" in St. Petersburg.


The Kazan Cathedral                St. Isaacs Cathedral                Savior on Spilt Blood Church

Saint Petersburg has several beautiful cathedrals/churches which were gloriously covered with a blanket of snow during our visit.


Pushkin is revered in St. Petersburg                Peter the Great -- the founding father of the city                Alexander's Pillar

The city honors its heroes through impressive, prominent statues -- and few receive as much honor as Peter the Great, the tsar responsible for the creation of the city, and the literary giant Alexander Pushkin.


The Stroganov Palace                Dom Kneege -- The House of Books                The General Headquarters Arch

Eagle Gate                                

Just some of the pretty sights that St. Petersburg offers you during your visit, including the famous House of Books (Dom Kneege) and the griffin statues which guard the bridge leading to Daria's undergraduate college (FinEc -- The institute of Finance and Economics).


Daria and her friend Nadia                Tatiana, Mama Vaya's friend, took us out for lunch                The Senate Bar -- Clinton ate here when president

An important part of any visit is meeting friends and family.