Kayaking in Krabi Province   (03/28/04)

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Our stay on the beach of Ao Nang in Krabi province was exceptionally nice because we got to do two activities that we enjoy a lot: kayaking and cooking. Details of the kayaking trip to follow...


Our kayaking team setting out on a journey through mangrove forest                Scenery punctuated by majestic cliffs                Settling into the Tri-yak                At a kayak landing spot

Kayaking on a "river" (actually an inland sea outlet with saltwater, like backwaters in Kerala) lined with mangrove forests.

  Approaching an entrance to a sea cave                Inside a dark cave                Seeing the daylight again!                Skull-like formation in the Ghost Cave

Paddling through half-submerged sea caves, accessible only at low tide. Caves contain stalactites and stalagmites and can be pretty dark!

  Arriving into a tropical lagoon; notice the jurassic-park ferns!                The Mehras exploring the lagoon                A big thanks to our guides!                

The tropical lagoon near the end of our kayaking journey - fit to film another Jurassic Park sequel!