A night in "the city" with EarlJ


Tonight I got to do something that I hadn't done since my second year in college -- I got to check out a live music gig in a small cozy environment (a bar in this case). Daria and I went to see her friend and former co-worker Josh Dobbies's band earlj at the Curve in SF in their *First* (but hopefully not last) on-stage performance.... before I get into the details, I just wanna point out that these guys rock! Seriously, the music was great, and if I hadn't known that Josh had a day job, I would've sworn that these guys were some sort of pro group with a label and all that jazz... Now onto details.

First thing, the bar (The Curve) has a kitchen which produces bar-and-grilly sorta stuff that can be ordered... Except if it's dinner time, and there's a bunch of hungry people around because of a Giants game and because said bar has a series of musical gigs happening. Now I'd understand if it was late and they only wanted to serve booze (I think they can still do that in SF, though not in Berkeley?), but it was only 8PM! What gives? Anyhow, we were hoping to get some chow to go w/ the beer and sweet tunes of the band, but had to go without... though some smarter folks actually went elsewhere and brought back food to go with the music (props to these people for having better insight than yours truly).

The food rant out of the way, Daria and I only stuck around to hear Dobbies's band, so that's all I can comment on. The band consists of 3 people: Earl (I think), who played base and did vocals on many songs, Jeremy (Josh's brother) on guitar and Josh on Drums. All band members took turns doing vocals and backup vocals giving the music a different flavor depending on who was singing, but it was all good stuff.. Overall I would say that the band had a hard-rock/alternative feel to it, but I'm not that musically literate, so I can't be any more specific. The best thing is to just listen to their stuff, available in MP3 format on their site. Daria and I are both looking forward to attending another one of their gigs in the future.