San Diego Animal Parks (7/14/03 - 7/15/03)

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Of the three San Diego attractions that have to do with animals -- the world-famous Zoo, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park -- I firmly prefer the latter. Sea World is good for the rides and shows, of course, so it represents a slightly different kind of entertainment, and we didn't go there this time in any case, but I would advise everyone to visit the Wild Animal Park (WAP) over the Zoo any day, the reasons being:
Maybe I'm being too hard on the Zoo here. As far as zoos go, San Diego has a great one. It's just that I enjoyed the Wild Animal Park immensely more. Funny enough, it's a few dollars cheaper, too!


Note: pictures from the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park got mixed up so in most cases we can't tell which ones were taken where. Sorry about that!

Daria with flamingos       Puneet with giraffes in the background       Daria in the Wild Animal Park       Puneet in the Wild Animal Park       Daria "Not Scared" at the Skyfari ride   

The above are the only pictures with people (that is, ourselves); the rest below are purely animalistic.

Bonobo (?) monkey       Goriilla's back view       Gorilla's front view       Simians. The real monkeys are on the other side of the bars...

One of the many deer we saw       Closeup of a deer       Okapi (not a zebra! related to giraffes)      Buffalo (?)        Hooved ones...

Flamingos       Hornbill bird (check out the beak!)       Puneet's favorite bird, THE DUCK       Butterfly on a leaf       Birds and bees, uh, butterflies.

Elephants       Warthog       Giraffe       The big guys: elephant, warthog, giraffe, bear (lost the picture!)