"Yeah they're insects, you're in Arkansas" (7/24/03)

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We didn't take any pictures in Little Rock Arkansas because frankly the place doesn't deserve any. We had to stop here on our way from Fort Worth to Memphis, and even a single night in this place was more than enough for me. We stayed at a KOA "kampground" in North Little Rock and that gave us the opportunity to meet some of the most unfriendly varmits around, and some pretty loud insects as well. The aforementioned varmits were the "hosts" who ran the campsite and happened to be the meanest operators we have run into during our entire trip. One of them, who I'm guessing is the wife in the couple, nearly chewed our heads off at every single question, and the quote above was the response to my question regarding the amazingly loud noise at the campgrounds (we're not talking regular insect noises, the buzzing was what you would expect around an electric powerplant). Daria thought the noises might actually be from powerlines since the area appeared to be under construction (rural-type area) with large power lines, and so I foolishly went to ask the woman if the noises were from insects or from some other source (I should've known better since I'd already gotten some bad vibes). She responded in a rather exasperated tone about the insects, as if I had asked a really stupid obvious question (perhaps that's the case, but these bugs were making noises like you hear from monkeys in a jungle or something). So, in summary, the night consisted of having to deal with unpleasant people and bugs, and I didn't have any regrets when we left Arkansas for Tennessee.