Boats and Cadets in Annapolis (08/12/03)

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Annapolis, Maryland is a quaint, cute little town with a long (but quiet) history and much character. Its main claim to fame these days is the Naval Academy which has graduated more than 150 years' worth of classes and possesses a very nice campus with the grounds open to general public (yes, you can see the cadets running laps in their uniforms). Annapolis is also home to many boat races and other sailing related events, and in its harbor you can observe sailboats from all over the world. On Tuesday night of our visit the two local attractions -- the Academy and the harbor -- joined together in a wonderful open-air jazz concert performed by the symphonic band of the Naval Academy at the docks. I can't think of a more romantic way to pass an evening than listening to the sound of jazz while watching the sky turn dark over the bay and observing boats sailing by... A great ending to a day spent walking around the historic downtown with its red-brick decor (buildings, walls, fences and sidewalk -- all built from seemingly the same bricks), touring the bay and the Academy campus, and lunching at the most friendly Jewish deli out there Chick-n-Ruth's (great sandwiches and service like you're their long-lost nephew). Oh yes, there was also a visit to the dentist for the ever-suffering Daria, but who cares to hear about that.


Puneet with boats       Nice view of boats       More boats       Annapolis has a lot of boats ...

Daria with an academy building       That's real gold on the chapel top...       Real gold!       Part of one of the largest dorms in the world...    ... and lots of pretty buildings on the Naval Academy Campus

Typical historic street       Oldest statehouse still in use...       ... and nice architecture all throughout the town!