Rhode Island (08/19/03)

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On our way from NY to Boston, we stopped to spend the night with Pammi auntie, one of my mom's college friends, and her family in Rhode Island (near Brown University). We'd like to thank Pammi auntie and Arvind uncle for their hospitality during our visit. While we didn't get to do any sight-seeing, we had a nice time talking to Pammi auntie and spend quite a bit of time talking with Shawn (shown below). I got to put on my sysadmin hat trying to get our laptop online using their wireless router. Eventually it turned out that their cable ISP was having issues with 2 of its 3 DNS servers leading to an odd flaky connection that wasn't dead, but wasn't quite right either (you techies out there probably know what I mean... going to google works 1 out of 5 times, but enter the IP and magically everything works well... till you need a reverse DNS query, when you have problems all over again... sigh). Anyhow, it was a very nice time. Also their dog, Cassius Clay (ex Muhammed Ali in case you didn't know) is quite a character... he likes sniffing the AC vents on the floor (maybe it's the freeon, maybe it's the cold, who knows...), and also went nuts everytime I beeped the Vette's car alarm -- he would run and try to attack the tires, trying to find the source of the noise. Another funny thing was seeing him chase around the light from a laser-pointer -- supposedly you need to keep moving the dot, because if he ever "catches" it, he'll try to "attack" it, and end up banging his head on the ground. An altogether adorable dog with plenty of character -- no offense to all of you cat owners, but I've *never* seen a cat with even a tenth of the character this dog had... and that's just from a single day's worth of exposure. Thanks to the Suri family for a wonderful stop on our way to Boston -- sorry we couldn't stay longer to experience more of what Rhode Island had to offer.


                            The hospitable Suri family.