Yale -- Kickin' it Old School Style (08/19/03)

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To get from Long Island to Rhode Island, we took a ferry between NY and Conneticut and stopped to marvel at the beautiful Yale campus in New Haven. Below are several pictures from our fun ferry experience (it was the first time that Daria had taken a ferry in this country, though she had been on fairly large ones in Finland while she went to school there...). As you can see from the pictures, Yale has magnificent gothic style architecture, and looks, well... like the old ivy-league campus that it is. Daria admitted that the Yale campus was the most beautiful campus she had seen in this country... sorry Berkeley, you come in second place behind this ancient marvel. The town of New Haven also has that sleepy college-town feel to it... I certainly wouldn't object to moving to the area, though I'm sure it's probably pretty brutal during the winter. Anyhow, no more words, just look at the pictures.


Look at the wake!       Lots of cars...       plenty of reading time       On the ferry from Port Jefferson, NY to Bridgeport, CT

Below are pictures from the Yale campus

Daria with a Yale building       a closeup...       Another building...       A nice archway      

Puneet gets into the picture       Another building...       More nice architecture