Denver with Varvara (09/03/03)

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He's on a blogging role folks, lets just hope the quality (as if there was any to begin with!) doesn't suffer... As I mentioned in my Rockies blog, the next stop after Omaha in our US tour was the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. The city itself is pretty nice (not as big as most of the other major cities visited, but not tiny either), but the main reason we were there was to visit Barbara, one of Daria's college friends from St Petersburg. It was nice to see Barbara again, who we hadn't seen since she visited us around New Year 2002. We got to experience some nightlife in Denver during a visit to a jazz night club (shown below), followed by a couple of games of pool... all in all, it was a pretty nice time.


                            Random sights of Denver

                            Hanging out at a jazz/coffee joint

                            Pool for three