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Last Updated: 04/01/04

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Daria and Puneet in Sydney

Puneet and Daria in front of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia (self-picture)

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  • Hey, we finally started updating the recent stuff. Hopefully we'll have our 2005 stuff online soon enough.


  • На сайте есть русский раздел! [ For non-Russian-speakers: there is now a Russian section on our site, but why should you care? ]



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About Us

Hi there! You've reached Daria and Puneet Mehra's little spot on the web -- Welcome! (Exclamation points make everything better!) Who are we? Why does this site exist? Glad you asked...

Daria and Puneet met at UC Riverside while she was getting her MBA and he was finishing his bachelors degree in computer science (CS). At first sight Puneet thought that Daria was a hot Scandinavian chick (she's Russian), while she mistook him for a Mexican gangbanger (he's a geeky Indian). Then they fell in love and lived happily ever after...

In reality, they just ended up moving to the bay area, but they think it's as close to never-never-land as you can get on this little planet. Daria has been a software engineer in San Francisco for 3 years now at a recently defunct storage startup company - Scale 8 (she's an MBA who prefers to code). Puneet is a PhD candidate in the EECS department at UC Berkeley (always wanted to be a Golden Bear!). They recently celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary and decided to take a break from their boring lives to do something interesting -- an 8-month trip around the world! The 3rd anniversary will be held back in Berkeley, assuming that their relationship survives being together 24 hours a day for 240 days, save for the bathroom breaks...

You can't really see the whole world in 8 months, but we're trying to see as much as we can... and to let our family and friends track our progress we grabbed our handy digital camera (which has since been replaced), Puneet's trusted Sony Vaio laptop and put together this site. For more info about our trip check out the "World Trip" button above.

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