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Last Updated: 04/28/04

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Mehras at Thai cooking school

Puneet and Daria learn to cook Thai food in Krabi

Mehras Enjoying Songkran

A nice viewpoint in Ko Phi Phi

Thailand Travel Route

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Thailand Glossary

Central Thailand


Welcome to Bangkok - 03/20/04 (no blog)
Good-bye Thailand - 04/18/04   

Southern Beaches

Ko Samui

Idyll of Ko Samui - 03/23/04

Krabi (Aonang Beach)

Kayaking in Krabi - 03/28/04 (no blog)
Learning to cook Thai - 03/29/04

Ko Phi Phi

Feeding the fish in Ko Phi Phi - 03/30/04
Rock climbing adventure - 04/03/04


Wakeboarding in Phuket + visiting Similans - 04/05/04

North Thailand

Chiang Mai

Being Sneezed on by Elephants - 04/10/04
Wet fun on Songkran - 04/11/04
What's wat in Chiang Mai - 04/11/04    



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