Russian Trip -- You are in "Middle Winter" (TM)

Last Updated: 02/22/04


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Map of Russia



Hey There! (As Daria would say) We're done with our trip to Russia in "Middle Winter" (inside joke that'll be explained in due time). Here are stories/pictures that we managed to obtain despite battling a nasty flu (which kept us at home for about 2 weeks) and dealing with the cruelties of Russian winter (icy sidewalks and -20 deg. celsius temperature are not very forgiving). A big thanks to Mama Vaya for her wonderful hospitality during our stay, and to Sasha and his family for providing a memorable new year.

Snovom Godom -- Happy New Year (Russian Style) - 12/30/03
In and around Daria's childhood home
Sight-Seeing in St. Petersburg
Soaking up culture in the Russian Museum - 01/26/04
Royal Lifestyles in Tsarskoe Selo - 01/28/04


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