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Last Updated: 01/23/04


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Interactive Map

US Road Trip Map Wind Cave NP Mount Rushmore NP Denver Rocky Mountains NP Omaha Chicago Detroit / Ann Arbor Niagara Falls Basketball Hall of Fame Boston Yale Cranston New York City Philadelphia Annapolis Washington DC Blue Ridge Parkway (Day 4) Blue Ridge Parkway (Day 3) Blue Ridge Parkway (Day 2) Yosemite NP Lake Tahoe Salt Lake City Yellow Stone NP Reno Santa Cruz Monterey Los Angeles Riverside San Diego Las Vegas Route 66 Grand Canyon Petrified Forest Santa Fe Tinkertown Amarillo Fort Worth Little Rock Memphis New Orleans Pensacola Montgomery Atlanta Tallulah Falls Smoky Mountains NP Blue Ridge Parkway (Day 1)

Here's our route across the US during our road trip. Click on the green circles to bring up the blogs for a particular city. You can also use the drop-down menus for state and city provided in the "Blogs" section.


The Big Picture

The Goal: A coast-to-coast road-trip going from California to Florida, and then up the east coast to Maine, before heading back to San Francisco for our flight to Russia.

The Car: We did this in our 1996 C4 Corvette. Although the gas mileage wasn't great (22MPG freeway), and the storage space was small, the vette had the "cool" factor going for it -- haven't seen anyone else who has done a long term road-trip in a Vette. If you have, please drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you...


Here are the blogs from our US road trip (reverse cronologically ordered). We would like to thank everyone we met along the trip, from old friends to generous hosts (many who we had only briefly met during our wedding). You all helped make this a very memorable trip.

To aid in navigation, you can jump to the blogs for a country or even a specific city.

State                                                                                      City or Location (eg: National Park)





Renovated Homecoming in Salt Lake City - 09/10/03       


Cold and Disappointment in Yellowstone - 09/08/03         

South Dakota

*ACTUAL* Wildlife in Wind Cave National Park - 09/06/03       
Dead Presidents - 09/06/03             


Friends' reunion in Denver - 09/03/03       
Hiking the Rockies - 09/02/03      


Sushi in Omaha? - 08/31/03      Russian Version 


Skyscrapers and pizza in Chicago - 08/29/03       Russian Version  


Detroit & Ann Arbor - 08/27/03          Russian Version 


Basketball Hall of Fame - 08/25/03     
Boston's Freedom Trail - 08/20/03       


Yale: History in stone - 08/19/03        

Rhode Island

Is it really an island? - 08/19/03        

New York

Niagara Falls and Havanese dogs - 08/24/03      Russian Version 
The Big Apple, post-blackout - 08/16/03       


The city of brotherly love - 08/14/03        Russian Version


Plenty o' boats and cadets in Annapolis - 08/12/03       Russian Version

Washington, DC

The Birthplace of our Nation - 08/11/03                      Russian Version

North Carolina/ Virginia

Final Day of Blue Ridge Parkway - 08/10/03                 Russian Version
More Blue Ridge Parkway - 08/09/03                           Russian Version
Blue Ridge Birthday - 08/08/03                                     Russian Version  
Blue Ridge Parkway - 08/07/03                                     Russian Version  
Smoky Mountains - 08/06/03                                        Russian Version  


Tallulah Falls - 08/05/03             Russian Version  
The Coca Cola Museum -- Globalization from Atlanta - 08/03/03       Russian Version 


MLK and the First Confederate White House in Montgomery - 08/02/03        Russian Version 


Pensacola and the Blue Angels - 08/01/03       Russian Version  


Gators, Gumbo and Mardi Gras in New Orleans - 07/29/03       Russian Version 


Dead Elvis and live partying in Memphis - 07/26/03         Russian Version  


Unfriendly insects and people - 07/25/03             Russian Version 


Longhorns and REI in Fort Worth - 07/24/03                Russian Version 
"Texas Legacies" in Palo Duro Canyon - 07/23/03         Russian Version  

New Mexico

Tinkertown - 07/21/03             Russian Version 
A day in New Mexico (Santa Fe, Inscription Rock and Fat Boy) - 07/20/03         Russian Version    


Driving across Arizona and the Petrified Forest - 07/19/03      Russian Version   
Grand Canyon - 07/18/03                                                       Russian Version   
Route 66 (Get your kicks on) - 07/17/03                                 Russian Version      


A night in Las Vegas (Sin City -- Stephen King had the right idea in The Stand) - 07/16/03        Russian Version      
Reno (The biggest little town in America) - 07/03/03             Russian Version   


San Diego (Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my!) - 07/14/03            Russian Version
Mike and Tara's Excellent Wedding - 07/12/03                        Russian Version
Pinks, Griffith and Parking Tickets - 07/10/03                           Russian Version        
Monterey & Big Sur - 07/08/03                                              Russian Version

Santa Cruz (We hit the road for real) - 07/07/03                      Russian Version
Lake Tahoe - 07/02/03
Yosemite Trip (Where to find snow in June) - 06/29/03

Pre-Trip Fun

The city and Earlj - 06/25/03
The French Laundry - 6/15/03
First Camping Trip - 6/11/03
Supplies for our Trip (aka The hemmoraging of our bank account) - 6/10/03


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